Psychic or Medium

What Is The Difference Between A Medium And A Psychic?


Psychic or Medium

What is the Difference Between a Medium and a psychic?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a medium and a psychic?  They are infact different. They both have different qualities. They also do not work in the same way or practice the same skills .

The Confusion
It can be very confusing to establish the difference between the two.
The actual problem it becomes confusing
because mediums are actually psychic,and some psychics are actually mediums.
Some people may offer both psychic readings
and also a mediumship reading as well.
This may also take place in just one sitting, but i suppose that could be extra value for money if you are paying for the service!
How A Psychic Is Defined

A psychic may use the energy field from the person who is having a reading .They may also get information from the sitter’s spirit guide or their own spiritual guide .

Psychics may also tune in to senses such as sound , feel , vision and even taste.
They can may also be regarded as a clairvoyant
by seeing visions.
Some psychics may use tools such as a crystal ball , runes , scrying , astrology and tarot cards .
A psychic reading can offer you a pathway giving you guidance and knowledge on how you may need to face the certain challenges in your future life.

Psychics offer guidance rather than tell you your fortune.

4 Signs You May Actually Be Psychic

You Experience Telepathy

This could be a strong feeling of a mind to mind connection being made .A feeling if your listening to other peoples thoughts, or hearing people talking to you in your head.

You Have Recuring Vivid Dreams

Do you wake up from a very strong clear dream and remember ever tiny detail. Do the dreams really have some meaning ?
Are the recuring dreams ?

You Are Experinceing Extra Sharp Senses

Have you been seeing objects in the corner of your eye but cant work out what they are ?
How about hearing a noise that know one else seems to hear ?
Its said that people with psychic abilities usaully have much more powerful hightened senses.

You Repeatedly Experience Deja Vu

You experience the feeling you have been their before or even participated in a certain activity or same event ?
If this is happening on a frequent and frightening scale it may be a sign your actually psychic.

How A Medium Is Defined

A medium will try to connect with the spirit of dead people . They will try to help family or friends contact lost love ones in the spirit world. Some love ones just would like to say good bye to a past away relative or friend.
Mediums may pass messages on by either a spirit taking over their voice or they may have the ability to hear the spirits voices then relay the messages to the person having the sitting.
People who practice mediumship are known as mediums or spirit mediums . A medium may use tools such as seánce tables and ouija boards.
They will try to help families find closure for their loss by giving them some closure. A medium can also help people be less fearful of death by showing there is a afterlife .  Mediums will always  try to give detailed evidence that they are communicating with someone that has passed away.
Often giving close private details of the deceased people the are comunicating with during a sitting,  that they possibly could not of know before.

A medium will not make any predictions about the future events and are certainly not fortune


A medium is no better than a psychic or a psychic is no better than a medium.
They just have there own different way of working and their abilities are very different. 
So whether you need to try to contact a love one or need a little helpful guidance i hope this article helped give you some helpful insight on how they actually differ .

Have you been to a medium or psychic sitting and what are your thoughts ? 

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