What Is A Manananggal?



The Manananggal is a mythical creature from the Philippines that is said to have the ability to separate its upper torso from its lower half and fly away with its bat like wings. It is believed to be a female vampire like creature that preys on its unsuspecting victims by night fall, usually children or pregnant women. People have described this creature in having a long, pointed tongue that it uses to suck the blood of its victims by a very painful death.

The Origin 

This mythical creature is a very popular figure in Philippine folklore and is often used to scare young children into behaving. The Manananggal is believed to be a female creature that is usually described as having a beautiful face and long black hair. During the day, the creature will hide in dark places such as caves or attics. At night, it will come out and search for its next victims to devour.

The Power Of The Creature

A Manananggal has the power to be able to transform itself into a beautiful woman in order to lure its victims. She can hypnotize her victims and make them unable to move. Once the creature has its victim in its grasp, it is said to use its long tongue to suck the blood from its victim. It is also said to be able to transform itself into a firefly-like creature in order to find its victims.

How To Kill One

Manananggals can be killed by using a sharp object such as a spear or a stake. It is also believed that garlic, salt, and ash can be used to ward off this horrid creature. It is also said that the it can be killed by exposing it to sunlight, as it is said to be vulnerable to the sun’s rays.


The Manananggal is part of the Philippines culture, every culture worldwide has its folklores. Which often teach the younger generation about life and how to behave correctly, this story is no different. hope you enjoyed this article!



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