Most haunted house london

The Most Haunted House In London


Most haunted house london


The Most Haunted House In London

Could “50 Berkeley Square” be one of the most haunted houses in London? The house is located in Mayfair, Central London.
It became known in the late 1900s as one of the most haunted houses in London.


50 Berkeley Square was built in the early 1700s and was the brainchild of the architect William Kent. The house even had the ex-Prime Minister George Canning lived in the property, he lived there up until the year of 1827 when he died.
Then the property was to be leased to Miss Curzon who was to live there. She took good care of the house until she died at the of age 90.  A man was next to lease the property a  Mr Myers moved into the house.

Mr Myers was going to marry a woman he was besotted by, and consequently who he fell in love. But then his fiancée jilted him before the wedding could take place. A distraught Mr Myers became a recluse and locked himself in the house.

He would hideaway in the attic room, trying to keep as far as he could from the outside world.

It was in 1873 the London council started to take legal action against Mr Myers for not paying his rates. But he avoided going to court he was excused by the magistrate Because the house in which he lived in was haunted.

Later in 1879 the magazine Mayfair, wrote an article about the house, stating that the property was deteriorating because it had not been maintained for years. 

The article went on further to say that “50 Berkeley Square” was being haunted, the magazine claimed reports of ghost stories that had been submitted to their office.
Many books were written about the property showcasing it to be “The Most Haunted House In London.”

The Ghosts Stories

The house has the ghost of a young woman who decided to commit suicide. She was apparently being abused by her rather nasty uncle who lived in the house at the time. The ghastly man continued to abuse the woman until she finally could not take it anymore.
It is said, she jumped from the attic window and was killed instantly breaking her neck as she hit the ground outside.

There have been reports of the woman haunting the attic room, people have seen her while staying at the house or visiting the attic room.
Screaming can be heard coming from the room and its believed to be the most haunted room in the house.
Two further people have died in the attic after spending the night there, it’s as if the room is cursed. The room seems to be a paranormal magnet, with most of its ghostly history being centred from there.

Mayfair magazine claimed in 1879 a young maid also stayed the night in the room. The petrified lady was exposed to something very evil. The following day she was found in a hysterical state, blurting out words that did not make sense and screaming intensely. The maid was sent to a mental hospital but died of a heart attack a few days later.  
Some people believe Satan was at work and she became possessed by a dark entity.

Another case which was reported in 1879,
two sailors staid overnight in the attic room.
They were on leave from the Royal HMS Penelope and from a very tiring day they decided it would be time to get some rest. One of the fellow sailors noticed his colleague had disappeared, he searched the house but could not find him anywhere. He decided to go out the front door and discovered his friend died from a broken neck.

A few years later a family moved into the property. But they did not stay there for very long,
rumours from local people freaked them out.
It was the final straw when one of the daughters seen a ghostly girl in the attic room.
She was found kneeling and screaming on the floor of the room and shaking violently.

Charles Harper’s Book

The author “Charles Harper” wrote a book called  Haunted Houses,  which featured “50 Berkeley Square” and was published in 1913.
The book is still available today and is a great read for any Paranormal enthusiast.  




50 Berkeley Square London has had many reports of paranormal activity over the years. The house has a lot of history attached to it.
Is it the most haunted house in London?
One can only surmise on the evidence given.
It certainly one of the most famous haunted houses in the United Kingdom.
What are your thoughts on the House?

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