Japanese ghost story

The Most Haunted House In Japan ?

Japanese ghost story

The Most Haunted House In Japan ?

Could Himuro Mansion be Japan’s most ‘Haunted house’ ? We will take a look at its ghostly evil past!

Himuro mansion is said to be one of the worlds most haunted houses .The mansion has a dark history were brutal murders were committed by some really crazed evil individuals.
The house in Japan is believed to me the most haunted in the country.

Himuro mansion is located in a forest not far from the city of Tokyo. The house is set in a rather creepy location surround by trees and at night time that’s enough to freak you out.

The Himuro family who use to live in the Japanese house many years ago. Locals beleive the family were practicing rather strange occult style rituals.
One such being the sadistic Shinto ritual which was best know as ‘A Strangling Ritual’ this was performed to stop any bad karma happening to the Himuro family.
The family must be one entity and not mix with other people or at least that’s what the elders believed in . 

A woman was to be raised secretly and have no contact with the outside world .

She would be brought up but only to be sacrificed when she was of adult age and presumed ready by the family.
A brutal death would await her fate.
Sacrificed by being quartered and her soul given to the gods.
This was the family’s belief to keep there souls pure and protected from any evil.

It all went wrong when the young woman met a young man while walking in the forest near the family home. She was never alowd  to stray far but that day she did not need to.
She fell in love with the gentleman and managed to hide their secret affair for a while.

One day the master of the Himuro family took a walk in the forest only to discover the two lovebirds romantically engaged.
The woman’s purity had been lost the family had failed in keep the young woman pure and hidden from the outside world.
Bad karma was going to come for them because the ritual could not be held they had broken the their vows to the gods.

The master of the house lost his mind and in a
uncontrollable rage killed every member in the Himuro family by slashing every one inside the house with his Japanese katana sword.
Screams from each family member echoed around the walls.
He then took his own life by plunging the sword into his stomach.
The whole family were dead from such a brutal murderous rampage.

A few years after the murders reports from scared locals who claimed the house is being haunted by people dressed in white cloths.

Photographs have been taken of a lady ghost dressed in white looking out of the window.
People have claimed to see mysterious blood patches inside the house that just appear on the walls overnight.
Ghostly screams can allegedly be heard coming from the house . 
Locals believe the Himuro family are still trying to practice there failed rituals in the after life and are trapped by a curse inside the house forever.


Now some people claim the story of Himuro family is just a legend and nothing more.
But many believe the story and also believe the
Himuro Mansion is the most haunted house in Japan.
Its ghostly tales will definitely be talked about in years to come that’s for sure! 

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