Polybius Video Game (urban legend)

Polybius (urban legend)

Polybius (urban legend)

Video games are so very popular in the modern day world. But for one such game ” Polybius” you should beware, if you are ever invited to play this retro arcade game!

Polybius first came to light on February 6  2000
when a game was listed on, a online  digital data-base for arcade game’s . The webpage for Polybius listed the game as having been copyrighted in 1981 (though no actual copyright proof has ever been found)
But many would dispute the game did exist and the effects of playing the game were very worrying indeed.
Polybius Game Play

The arcade game was very simular to the classic game, Tempest.

When playing Polybius the game would contain subliminal messages and bizarre puzzles.
Strange sounds and bright shapes flicker with in the game.I can really see how this game could draw you in. Playing the game may certainly cause some mild ill effects if played for a long time.
The game play defiantly has a hypnotic feel to it.
But could it really be as dangerous as some people claim or all a hoax?

The Urban Legend

The game “Polybius” was said to have been created by a government agency in Portland, Oregon during 1981 to perform mind control on young unsuspecting people.
The game was placed in Arcades in
During testing some of the subjects would become very addicted to play the game.
Stories spread that gamers became ill after playing, aleged reports of headaches ,strokes, and even heart attacks were commonly mentioned.

Rumours of teenagers vanishing shortly after playing the game soon spread.

There were reports of mysterous “men in black” visiting the game sites. And taking data from the game to analize the effect of the game play.

As quickly as the game appeared, the Polybius arcade machines soon mysterously disappeared from the arcades as if they never existed at all.

Many believe the game had been removed because enought data had been collected.
Other believe the game was remove due to the fact people we’re starting to expose the game’s existence, so the government pulled the plug on it!


The story tells of an unheard-of new arcade game appearing in several suburbs of Portland, Oregon, in 1981, something of a rarity at the time. The game is described as proving popular to the point of addiction,with lines forming around the machines often resulting in fighting over who would play next. The legend describes how the machines were visited by men in black, who collected unknown data from the machines,allegedly testing responses to the game’s psychoactive effects.

Players supposedly suffered from a series of unpleasant side effects, including amnesia, insomnia, night terrors and hallucinations.Approximately one month after its supposed release in 1981, Polybius is said to have disappeared without a trace.

The company named in most accounts of the game is Sinneslöschen.The word is described by writer Brian Dunning as “not-quite-idiomatic German” meaning “sense delete” or “sensory deprivation”.[note 1] These meanings are derived from Sinne, “senses” and löschen, “to extinguish” or “to

1982 video game

Polybius (2017 video game)

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