Cursed Phone Numbers

Cursed Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

Cursed Phone Numbers

Cursed Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

It has been well documented over time, you should not call, certain phone numbers. Numbers that have been “cursed” or “haunted” that will bring you bad luck, some claim calling these numbers can even result in death!

There may be many urban legends, that calling certain numbers may result in some very horrible consequences but is it fact or just fiction?

We have created a list of phone numbers you should never call. Numbers that have been linked to being cursed or just generally people, having a strange outcome if they have dialled one.

The Devils Number
This is a Phone number you should think very carefully, before dialling! Allegedly the number speaks for its self 666 is the sign of the Devil.
These number should be avoided,
666-666-666 or 999-999-999
 unless you would like to speak to the Devil. After calling these cursed numbers have also been alleged incidents where people have claimed to receive messages from the two numbers.

The number 666-666-666 has been known to send a strange message to people’s phones, in most cases the message will give instructions to follow.
Some of the Messages that have been reported by people are “Perform This Ritual Tonight ” with the following message, with instructions on how to create a satanic ritual.
Another message which has been reported is “Hail Satan”. The receiver must say the words.   ” Hail Satan” three times a day, Soon after receiving the message the victim will receive another message, claiming if they don’t follow the instructions, the outcome will be death!

The number 999-999-999 is a different scenario altogether, supposedly if you call this cursed number, a male voice on the end of the line will grant you four wishes in exchange for your soul.
Many believe they spoke to the Devil himself, claiming the voice was very evil sounding.
Would anyone really give their soul for four wishes?

Help Susie’s Dying
This creepy phone number existed back in the 1970s. The number itself could only be called from the “United Kingdom”.
If you were brave enough to dial 20-20-20-20 then a creepy outcome would arise.
There were no cell phones in the 1970s so you would have to use a home phone or payphone to make the call.

Upon calling the number you would be connected to what can only be described as a creepy woman, the voice sounds very distorted and a weird cracking sound could be heard.
Some people claim they could hear rather weird playing music in the background, the music sounded like old fairground tunes.
It just starts to get a whole lot weirder when she starts talking.
The woman repeats herself and just keeps saying the words “Help me help me Susie’s dying”.
It’s unexplained, why this number existed or who in fact owned the number. I’m sure it would have freaked you out though if you would have called it.

The Thai Cursed Phone Number
This rather sinister number is related to Thailand.
999-9999 You should never call this number if you live in Thailand or even stay in the country for a holiday etc.
The number has been on many Thai documentaries, it’s also been featured on the Thai news.
Some people really are too scared to call the number from strong superstitions they are just scared to do so.
When you dial 999-9999 a rather sinister sounding man will answer and then instruct the victim, that they must to call fifteen people and get them to call another fifteen and so on. The man makes it very clear, failing to do so will result in death.
A major scare tactic with used for this one, is this an “Urban Myth” or should people really be afraid?

The Red Room Number
Do not call this number,  acording to some people  408-634-2806 is a “Red Room Number”.
Many believe if you call the this  number, your phone will be traced to your location. A van will come along and people will drag you inside.
You will then be taken to a secret location, where you will be tortured on the “Dark Web”.
It will all be streamed live to some sick paying viewers. Can this just be a “Urban Myth”?
Or is there something far more sinister at work!

Boothworld Industries
This creepy number has been around for a while 630-296-7536 anyone who may have called the number we’re in for a scary outcome.
Upon calling “Boothworld industries” you will be greeted by a rather polite but creepy sounding female receptionist.
She will go on, to ask you your name and make 
a appointment for remodeling. She will go on to say your number has been traced & your information has been logged.
It starts to get creepier when you get a call back from “Boothworld”!
A woman calls back, she claims Boothworld have logged all your details, she goes on further to say we would like you to schedule your remodeling appointment.
Many stories on the internet claim the company have even murdered people who have given false details. Should we be careful before thinking of calling 630-296-7536 ?
Or is it all some kind of prank?

The 1 To 7 Number
This scary number 801-820-0263 has left people terrified after making a call. After dialing 801-820-0263 and upon, someone or something answering, some very weird sounding noises can be heard.
According to some people who claim to have called this creepy number, it can be a very unsettling experience indeed.
One can only be described  a strange drilling sound in the background with a man, keep counting from 1 to 7 repeatedly. After hanging up the some callers have said, they have received a call back from the number.
The person on the phone tells them they are being watched closely!
So please think twice before calling this number.

The Curse Of The Bulgaria Number
This certanalty is a cursed number     0888-888-888 everyone who has owned this number has died. The number originally came from Bulgaria.
The first victim Ceovladimir Grahnov the ex CEO of Bulgarian Cell phone company,  which is were the number originated from, then died of terminal cancer.
The second person to register the number was Konstantin Dimitrov a Bulgarian mafia boss. Konstantin was shot dead by a asssain.

The third victim was Konstantin Dishliev a Bulgarian business man. He was shot dead outside a Indian restaurant. Not long after becoming the next registered owner of the number.
The phone company bosses decided to  suspend 0888-888-888 indefiantly.
If it’s called today it just answers “service unavailable”.

Hope you enjoyed our list of cursed numbers, please don’t call any of these numbers, we can not be held resposible for any outcome that may arrise.
Have you ever called a cursed number ?



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